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We are a progressive marketing agency which stretches across Canada . Taxi advertising generates huge exposure to help grow your business quickly.

Three steps to started with Adcabs

Discuss with us

We will discuss a strategy which compliments your existing marketing campaign, and then begin to maximize exposure for your business.

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Build your Ad

Provide our designers with your company's high resolution graphics or branding packages. We can develop an effective ad that will keep your company's name prevalent in the community with daily exposure in your target market.

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Your company's ad will then be circulating throughout the city in high traffic areas all day, everyday, attracting new customers, and reinforcing your name with existing clients.

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What can we do for your business

  • Brand identity services

    Taxi advertising is well known globally, and new to Western Canada. We help companies clearly communicate their message, and maximize exposure within their target markets.
    Our team of designers will work with you to create an effective and visually appealing ad. You simply send us your branding package, photos, logos, and a brief outline of your ideal layout. We will then email you a proof for your approval.
    We are, quite literally, in constant motion to make sure that you are getting the most exposure. We look forward to helping build your brand and business.

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  • Connect to your community

    AdCabs Media's team will help you design a concise and very effective ad that keeps your business prevalent in the community.
    Taxis are on the road 22+ hours a day, 7 days a week where the taxis could be at any locations with special traffic such as, Stadiums, concerts, Airport, shopping centers, and Theaters with thousands of impressions.

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  • Targeting Audience

    Cabs circulate throughout a wide variety of high traffic areas all day ensuring your ads are seen by thousands of people. Your ads will gain maximum exposure to the public and be seen by both drivers and pedestrians. Hundreds of passengers will literally be touching your ads as they reach for the door and enter the cab.

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